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Executive Functioning - Click to download

Executive functioning is the brain processes that help us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, control impulses, and juggle multiple tasks successfully. It has a huge impact on self regulation. 

Pediatric Feeding Therapy - Click to download 

Feeding therapy is used to help children who have difficulties sucking, chewing, feeding, swallowing, limited diet, or behavioral issues at mealtimes.

Sensory Processing - Click to download

Sensory Processing is the brains ability to take information from the body and environment and respond to it. 

Indoor Sensory Fun - Click to download

Winter time can make it difficult to have outdoor play and explorations. Here are some ideas to do indoors to help keep those little (and not so little) ones entertained! 

Understanding ADHD - Click to download

Getting an ADHD diagnosis can be helpful in getting the right supports for your child. It is also beneficial to understand the basics and different presentations of ADHD and how you can help those neurodivergent learners. 

Spring Break Activities - Click to download

Spring Break is a fun time for all to enjoy! Here are some ideas to do with your kiddos! 

Bedtime Tips for Exhausted Parents - Click to download

We all know kiddos commonly struggle with sleep. Lack of sleep greatly impacts their entire body as well as the family as a hole. Here are some ideas to do with your kiddo.