Occupational Therapists use play and a child’s daily activities to build skills related to fine motor, visual motor, motor planning, executive functioning, sensory processing, self-care, play, academics, and social emotional regulation. Occupational Therapy helps children improve function and promote development to be more independent in their homes, schools and communities. Click here to book your appointment.
Physical Therapists focus on important motor skills of the developing child or young adult such as crawling, walking, balance, coordination, and strength. They use play and movement activities to treat and improve motor and physical dysfunction. Physical Therapy helps children learn and improve their ability to move and function.  Click here to book your appointment.
Speech Therapists focus on special conditions that may impact a child’s developmental areas like talking, communicating, understanding, and social skills. They assist children in building skills related to speech and articulation, phonology, oral motor, expressive and receptive language, fluency, pragmatics, AAC, play skills, feeding and swallowing. Speech Therapy helps children and young adults improve communication or oral motor skills utilized for feeding.  Click here to book your appointment.
 Therapists help children work toward the strengthening the mouth muscles, increasing tongue movement and improving chewing, biting, drinking, or sucking skills. Other goals commonly include learning to self-feed, decreasing textural aversions, improving nutritional status, supporting physical development, and improving meal-time behaviors. Feeding Therapy provides solutions for a variety of physical and sensory difficulties that affect children and infants. Click here to book your appointment.